Analyze this two cases: Steve Krell, Gregg Ritchie

Students are each assigned two licensing disciplinary matters published the California Board of Accountancy’s website. Students are to provide a summary of each action, including an explanation of the basis for discipline–in most cases there is more than one–summarize all. The analysis should provide an explanation of the specific violations committed by the CPA including the facts underlying the allegations, as well as a discussion of the rules, regulations, the AICPA COC/standards, SEC regs etc.violated (along with an explanation of the student’s understanding of what the rule provides and how it was violated).

Finally the analysis should include a discussion of the range of disciples afforded by the Board for the violation/s at issue and whether you agree with the outcome. Explain you answer. 4 maximum. Note that in some, but not all cases, the matter will not be concluded, so you may only have the accusation itself to go on–in some ways this is easier because there is rarely a lot of detail, but consider in those cases that the Board is seeking the maximum penalty sought–revocation of the CPA’s license–bake this presumption into your analysis. You can search for all of these matters at: (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

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