For the assessments in this course, select one of the companies from the list below to be your focus: Ford: Ford is a complex multinational organization that has recently focused on strategic initiatives to address production capacity, supply chain reliability, sustainability, and technological innovation in order to remain competitive in the rapidly changing automotive industry. Procter and Gamble: This is a huge multinational firm with products you probably buy every day. This business is interesting because the company is focusing on science and technology to help it revise many of its business strategies and contribute to overall company goals for sustainability and corporate social responsibility. Virgin Group: This company is an interesting one because of its high profile owner, Sir Richard Branson, and the many widely diversified companies that are part of the Virgin Group. Build Your Own Case: Create a strategic case on the company of your choice. The company must be publicly traded, have multiple strategic business units (a corporation), and be approved by faculty.

Review the resources available in the Company Research Information document (in the Suggested Resources) for understanding the organization, and begin researching the firm’s business strategy and business model. Use additional resources from the Capella University Library or your own research as needed. Find at least four current, scholarly, or professional resources for this assessment. Overview The vice president of corporate strategy at the headquarters of your selected firm—Ford, Procter and Gamble, Virgin Group, or a firm of your choice—has requested that you provide her with a business analysis of your key findings regarding the firm’s business strategy: An overview of the generic strategy that seems to best describe the company’s strategic approach. A discussion of key elements in the overall business strategy. A review of the most important components of the company’s business model. Requirements In 4–6 pages, provide a business analysis of the firm you selected. Your analysis should do all of the following: Explain the generic business strategies, including cost, differentiation, and focus or hybrid information, for the selected firm. Analyze what business strategies the firm is using in their marketplace approach. Provide examples of how they use the strategy to position itself in a competitive environment. Analyze the firm’s business model. What are their core products? How does the firm make money? What is the customer value proposition? What is the profit proposition? Use clear headings and subheadings to organize the key points of your analysis. Your report should be clearly written and communicate effectively to organizational leadership; use correct grammar, spelling and mechanics as expected of a business professional. Cite and reference all sources using current APA style. Additional Requirements References: Support your business analysis with at least four academic resources from the Capella University Library. APA Style: Use proper APA style for all citations and references. Length: The body of the business analysis must be 4–6 double-spaced, typed pages, not including the references list. Written communication: Demonstrate graduate-level writing skills through accurate communication of thoughts that convey the overall goals of the analysis and do not detract from the message. Font: Times New Rom

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