Description 1) Environmental Studies Discipline. Answer the 2 questions: 1. What six specific academic, peer-review articles did you find for your first discipline? (state your discipline, list the title and author(s) for your six articles, the journal they were published in, and the publication date) Make sure they relate to the issue paper you wrote and the last paper submitted.. 2. How do you know that each is a reliable source? (‘A’ answers will directly draw upon the Evaluating Sources section in Lesson 2 which are attached) Now write annotated bibliography. 2) Your first Annotated Bibliography should include at least six peer-reviewed articles from scholarly journals from within your first chosen discipline. Annotations for each source should include the following two paragraphs (defined as a minimum of five sentences): First paragraph: the author’s relevant biographical information (where did they receive their terminal degree? Where are they now? What else have they published? Have they received any awards for their work?) Second paragraph: how the article relates to your issue, the author’s argument, and why you selected it Be sure to denote your discipline in the assignment’s title and include your research question at the beginning of the document. For assistance in determining appropriate source material, students should make an in-person or virtual appointment with a librarian. Article citations should be in MLA format. For assistance on writing an annotated bibliography, see Be sure to follow the attached Assignment Rubric. This assignment must be completed in a Word document or pdf file with Times New Roman 12 point font.

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