Answers can be short 1Read the article located at http//

Answers can be short 1:Read the article located at:…Consider the various costs articulated in the article about the cost of opening and operating a small proprietorship.Select three costs that you learned about from the article, and in a paragraph each cost, answer the following questions:Did the cost surprise you?Would the cost dissuade you from opening a sole proprietorship?How would a sole proprietor finance or fund this type of cost?2;You’d like to incorporate your business in New Jersey. You live in New Jersey, plan to only do business in New Jersey, and hope to make a profit. To simplify this assignment, assume that your corporation will not be publically traded, but will instead be a close corporation.Use your favorite search engine to find the New Jersey administrative agency that manages the corporate filing process in New Jersey. Visit their website and after reviewing the materials provided for those wishing to incorporate in New Jersey, answer the following questions. 1. What administrative agency is manages the filing process for incorporation in New Jersey?2. Do you need to file form NJ-REG? Answer Yes or No and then fully explain how you found out the answer.3. What is the filing fee payable to the state for your filing?3;You are a now shareholder in your favorite corporation! Go to Your are going to review the filings of a corporation that you might want to invest in. Under ‘Filings & Forms’ select ‘Search for Company Filings.’ You will see a number of ways you can search – including the corporation name, ticker symbol, or location. So, think of a corporation you might want to invest in, find its forms, and answer the following questions:1. What corporation did you select? What is the corporation’s ticker symbol?2. Locate the most recent 10-K filing.a. What is the state of incorporation.b. What exchange is the stock trading on?c. Are there any legal proceedings going on in the corporation? If so, what are they? (Note: if they are numerous, include the first, and then note how many additional legal proceedings are noted in the document.d. Who is the Chairman of the Board of Directors?3. Locate the most recent 14A filing.a. When is the next (or immediately past) meeting of the shareholders?b. Where is the meeting held?c. What will shareholders be voting on at that meeting?

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