(approximately 50%) Clearly defines scope of paper in response to given topic. Formulates central research question and adopts a position vis-à-vis this question. Argumentation is logically sound and effectively defended with supporting evidence. Demonstrates recognition of possible counterarguments to, and gaps in evidence for, own position. Displays critical understanding of sources, including examination of authors’ assumptions. Findings are thoughtfully contextualized in a wider body of scholarly research.

USE OF COURSE IDEAS (approximately 15%) Draws upon theories and methods in linguistic anthropology to substantiate analysis. Deploys specialized terminology accurately and appropriately.

ORGANIZATION AND QUALITY OF WRITING (approximately 25%) Introduction concisely sets out focus of essay, and conclusion explores implications of findings. Sets out ideas using coherent sentence structure and clearly developed paragraphs. Maintains consistent focus on topic without relying on unnecessary repetition. Points are made succinctly without losing substance, clarity, persuasiveness, or precision. Technical “jargon” is used carefully and only where ordinary language does not suffice.

SOURCING AND ADHERENCE TO ASSIGNMENT REQUIREMENTS (approximately 10%) Proper citation practices (AAA or APA style) are consistently employed. Synthesizes a wide range of academic sources (i.e. does not rely too heavily on one or two sources). All assignment requirements are followed: — Number of student-authors does not exceed 3. — Title page specifies names, IDs, course code, essay title, topic, and TA’s name. — Individual essay is 5-8 pages in length, double-spaced, with a Works Cited list. (Jointly authored essays should be 9-10 pages long.) — Individual Essay refers to textbook and a minimum of four refereed scholarly sources. (Jointly authored essays should have a minimum of 8 sources including the textbook.)

JOINTLY AUTHORED ESSAYS ONLY Depth of research (e.g. sourcing and data collection), breadth of analysis, level of critical thinking, and overall argumentative quality are commensurate with the total number of contributors 

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