Anxiety affecting college students report

Work from a clear statement of audience and purpose and be sure that your reasoning is shown clearly. Verify your evidence, conclusions, and recommendations are consistent. This report should be written in APA format. The report should include: title page (with a header as Running head: TITLE OF YOUR ESSAY (flush to the left) and a page number (flush to the right) starting with 1 on the title page an abstract between 150 and 250 words. Please use page break to assure your title page and abstract page are on their own pages. Your report should be no less than 1,500 words (including your abstract) an introduction which identifies the problem, propose possible solutions, a definition, and a clear purpose that leads into the body of the research analysis the body of the essay which consists of the data section a conclusion which will be a summary or your findings, your interpretation of your findings, and recommendations a references page following the APA requirements Anxiety has surpassed depression as the leading mental health issue facing college students (Brown, 2016). Two-thirds of college students with substance abuse problems suffer from mental health disorders, especially anxiety without getting treatment. If students are not getting the proper help, suicide rates will rise and grades will fall. If this situation continues to increase the chances of college graduating will decrease tremendously. Analyze the problem with how anxiety affects college students in the state of Florida. Be sure to include statistics from some of the big Universities and Colleges like FAMU, UNF, UF, and more. Provide multiple possible solutions like While there is no cure for anxiety, medication and skill development are two treatment options. To ensure students develop basic survival and coping skills and adequate personal and academic support. So one possible solution to help college students facing anxiety is to educate them. Just like how they have a donating for blood truck we can have a mental health truck that travels to colleges/universities. Although we will not be able to reach and help everyone, everyone can help someone. Add collected data and a conclusion. A Graph and background information.

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