Can you help me understand this Writing question?

Part 1( 2-3 paragraphs):

This week, you should begin drafting your final paper by reviewing instructor feedback(*** at the bottom), outlining how to bring the two perspective papers together into one cohesive final paper, and drafting your introduction, conclusion, and abstract for peer review and editing purposes. In this week’s discussion, address the following questions:

What are some questions you still have about putting the final argument paper together? Be specific.

What is your time management plan for editing your final paper? Be specific.

What parts of your final paper do you anticipate will take the most time: incorporating instructor feedback in your perspective papers, reworking the perspective papers into one cohesive paper, writing the introduction, conclusion, or abstract, APA Style formatting resources, APA Style formatting the paper, or revising for grammar, spelling, and punctuation? Explain how you propose to meet the challenge.

***Feedback from peers*** You have mentioned your solution in the conclusion of the Scientific and Mathematical Analytical Perspectives of Inquiry Paper but I am not clear how it is new and varies from the work currently being done. This will need to be clarified moving forward.

Conclusion: What I will be proposing is the proper education and ongoing implementation of annual and quarterly board meeting with supervisors of respected departments. Which will consist of reporting the gathering of information pertaining to the percentage of HAI within the department, monthly training/supervisory outcomes of staff, and any innovative ideas that will attribute to the lowering of HAI. Doing so will ensure the awareness, knowledgeability, control/ lower the percentage of HAI as a whole, proper implementation of ongoing advancements and procedures can be implemented as needed.

Part 2 Drafting the Abstract :

This week, you will submit a draft of your final paper’s abstract. This assignment will help you draft your final paper due next week.

Complete worksheet that is attached.