Description Report assessing how brand influences consumer in a multi-cultural context. The assignment is based on the branding strategies of Apple and McDonalds in Different Countries, you should review websites and social media sites for both companies and identify how both companies operate within Different Countries across different continents. Using appropriate theory from Buyer Behavior compare and contrast the different branding strategies of Apple and McDonalds across the world and identify the extent to which both companies are appropriately responding to local consumer needs. Specifically you should consider: a)Demonstrating an advanced critical appreciation and understanding of consumer behavior to identify the different cultural attitudes to adopting electronic products and food. b)Systematically reviewing relevant social brand psychology, including the fundamental of brands and branding and see how they apply to the worldwide customers of both companies including their worldwide branding initiatives. c)Critically analysing and evaluating the decision-making process of consumers from both companies and the way in which consumer emotions are related to the brands of both companies. d)Demonstrating an advanced comprehension through measuring and evaluating brand equity of both companies. e)Critically evaluating branding techniques of both companies and how it directs consumer behavior through systematic research. f)Critically evaluating and understanding the attitude and behavior change theory as it applies to both companies. g)Systematically reviewing and critiquing the theory of planned behavior and its limitations as applied to both companies? h)Demonstrate a critical appreciation and creativity in the identification of new approaches to multicultural brand and equity management as applied to both companies.

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