Construct an argumentative essay of 1000 words exploring the theme, a theme that respects all the criteria as outlined in class, based on one of the subjects (develop the subject into a theme then put it into thesis formulation) listed below. Be sure to use textual evidence to support your thesis argument; be sure not just to use plot as your evidence.

Remember to integrate your quotations using a variety of integration methods, make sure to have adequate transitions within and between paragraphs, and make sure to follow MLA guidelines. *1) Argue the theme of director Tim Burton’s film Edward Scissorhands (written by Caroline Thompson) on the subject of conformity proving that theme using evidence and analysis of literary techniques. (Just a note: if you discuss the directorial choices made by Burton such as the film techniques like the filming choices, editing, lighting, close up, set design then you consider director Burton the creative force (the author); if you discuss the words – the screenplay – then you consider writer Thompson the creative force. If you discuss both, then refer to both individuals as authors) 

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