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Cite two articles. Each article should present a different argument for the policy area you have chosen. Acceptable sources are newspapers, magazines or journals. This will take some thought and time, do not plan on doing a Google search and picking the first two articles you see.

The paper should include: key arguments of both perspectives, the evidence supporting each perspective, your analysis of each perspective, which perspective you support and why you support this perspective.

This is a comparative paper, meaning you are going to be critiquing, comparing and analyzing both perspectives of the policy issue. Only at the end of the paper should you explain why you favor one alternative over the other.

Helpful Hints: Be open minded on the issue, argue each perspective with the same intensity, be detailed and highlight the differences and/or problems of each perspective.

Questions to ask yourself while writing the paper, what evidence supports this position? What evidence casts doubt on this policy position? Which of the two is the best alternative and why?

The student’s final paper requirements are:
An Introduction, approximately one-half to ¾ of a Let’s Help with this paper ( in length, which generally introduces the issue and states the paper’s intent (THESIS).
Approximately one Let’s Help with this paper ( of facts arguing one side of the issue
Approximately one Let’s Help with this paper ( of facts countering the previous side of the issue discussed.
Approximately one Let’s Help with this paper ( of the student’s preferred policy position and a defense of their position.
A conclusion

**Failure to follow the above format will result in a penalty of at least 25 points being deducted from the final paper grade.

Students should not leave a space between sections of the paper. The above guidelines include suggested lengths only and may vary slightly from the actual lengths upon submission.

The rough draft or notes used to construct the paper should be kept in case the professor has questions about the final paper. A student should keep the most important ideas, thoughts or drafts used to construct the paper until a final paper grade is received. This includes printed computer versions of the paper during construction.



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