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Write a short essay ( 700-1000 words) using the three texts you have settled on. The main purpose of this essay is to make a strong argument that the texts you haveselected constitute part of a subaltern counterpublic. This essay should explicitly reference at leastone course reading from both Lessons Six and Seven. As you make this argument, your essayshould address:1.What is a subaltern counterpublic? Define the term specifically drawing on Nancy Fraser’sarticle and also Michael Warner’s article. Clearly identify aspects of a subalterncounterpublic so that you can proceed to argue that your example demonstrates those aspects, and highlight your definition of “subaltern counterpublic” in bold text.2.How do these texts oppose themselves to a dominant or mainstream sense of “thepublic”? 3.What sorts of values do these texts express and how do those values enable them to framecertain issues as “public” issues?4.Explain how one of these texts operates according to Burke’sdramatic pentad. This pentadic analysis should contribute to the overall argument of the essay (that the text is part of a subaltern counterpublic) in a logical and fluid way.•In order for your pentadic analysis to contribute to your argument, you may want to think carefully about how the text describes the pertinentacts, scenes and agents for your counterpublic, and how that description may differ from the acts, agents, or other dramatistic elements in a “mainstream” or “dominant” text that your text opposes. •Insert margin comments in your Word document that clearly mark each of the five aspects of the pentad in the text.5.Include embedded links to the texts you are analyzing. As with previous assignments,these links should not be raw URLs in your text but should instead be smoothly integratedwith whole words and phrases

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