Assignment 6 and 7 for Scholarly Writing Course (CAPELLA)

I don’t know how to handle this Writing question and need guidance.

Loginnand complete Unit 6 and Unit 7 assignments

I need you to include the student name on each assignment and cover page before submitting

STUDENT NAME: ShRonda Carter

Unit 6 Assignment is about reviewing a peers paper in the unit 6 discussion forum.once you log in you will see in Unit 6 Assignment the PEER REVIEW WORKSHEET that must be used for this review. Fill it out based on a student paper in the unit 6 discussion forum and upload it to thr assignment link once done

Unit 7 Assignment is a simple reflection of my wirting process this far. You can make this info up based on what the instructions ask for. Answer all questions asked, and then add the student name and info to the papers and uload to the unit 7 assignment link

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