Audience profiles | Management homework help

Purpose of this Assignment
To help students practice an essential skill in managing difficult PR situations at any stage of their development. To learn to identify audiences impacted by situations and to become familiar with types of audiences for businesses and non-profits.
To complete this assignment, you should:
Review the PowerPoint Slides on Audience Profiles.

Select two entities for which you will create an audience profile. It can be for a service or product from any legally recognized industry. One can be a business (public or private) and one must be a non-profit. You may make an info-graphic, PowerPoint Slide or submit a Word document as long as it is done more as a visual and not blocks of text.
Review the entity’s website, usually tabs listed as the About Us, our history, Products/Services, or How We Help contain the information you need. You may also research what other sources say about them online.
Pick a scenario from the Incident Spectrum list and apply it to each entity you picked.
Create an audience profile for each entity based on the scenario you picked.

Checklist of Characteristics

Who might feel the effects of the scenario?
Are there internal audiences within the entity which might be impacted?
What external audiences may be affected?
Who needs to be informed? Later, we will discuss how much and when this is communicated to each party.
Are there negotiations, pending contracts, new hires and other efforts underway? Could this scenario impact them? If so, list them.
Consider the ways any entity gets its support: financial, endorsements, accreditation, sponsorship, ratings/rankings, reviews, etc. Should any of these sources be listed?
Who will be upset if they do not hear it from the entity first?

To qualify for this assignment your work must give specifics, well thought out and include links to the organizations you chose.

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