autism and neurodiversity

The goal of this assignment is for you to analyze how autism is portrayed in the popular media with respect to a neurodiversity perspective.
For this assignment, you will

first, find an advertisement, news article, or other media image that depicts autism. This artifact could be a news article reporting on someone with autism, an advertisement for a product geared towards people with autism, a television or movie portrayal of someone with autism, etc. Upload the image, article, or advertisement with your assignment.
Write a 2 page paper analyzing the the artifact (i.e., the advertisement, article or image) from a neurodiversity perspective. That is, discuss the extent to which the advertisement, article, or image depicts autism from a medical model or from a neurodiversity model or both. Make sure you connect your conclusions with specific examples, quotes or ideas portrayed in your media article or advertisement. Your analysis should be based on ideas from the readings, slides, lecture and discussion. The idea is to make explicit connections between your analysis and the course content on the neurodiversity movement.
Use course terms and information from both the lecture and readings to support your conclusions. Be explicit about how course content applies.

Your paper should be 2 pages double spaced, 12-point Times font. You will be graded on:

whether you include the advertisement, article, or image with your assignment,
the thoroughness of your discussion of neurodiversity and/or the medical model and the extent to which your conclusions are linked to specific dimensions of the advertisement, article, or image
writing quality – clarity and mechanics – please proofread carefully, make sure to your organize your ideas, and make your ideas clear.
citations – whether you use in-text citations and include a reference list of the class materials and artifact your included in your paper.

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