Auto, Inc., a fictional automobile manufacturer, is interested in estimating the value derived from a proposed Strategic Alternative (SA). The SA, posed by the CEO of the company, is to acquire an elite, high-end auto company where the average retail price of a car is $80,000. As part of this task, the acquisition team develops a three-year market analysis to determine if adequate market demand exists for luxury automobiles. The team chooses to use the predictive power of regression analysis to help make these projections. 

The first step in this process is to understand what drives total market demand for elite, high-end luxury automobiles. After analyzing the industry, the group hypothesizes that gross domestic product, or GDP, is a key predictor of market demand for these automobiles. 

To gather historical GDP data, the team turns to online databases located on the Federal Reserve Board website.To gather data on new vehicle sales for elite, high-end luxury cars, it uses the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ online databases on new vehicle car sales. (The GDP data is in billions of dollars and the sales data is in thousands of units.)

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