Bacteriophages…..Are Bacteriophages effective?

Conduct research on a debatable political, social, or scholarly issue. A debatable issue is one about which intelligent, well-meaning people might disagree; it does not need to be a highly controversial topic, but it does need to be something worthy of argument
Then write a five-page paper that supports your thesis with valid and well-documented evidence (feel free to revise your tentative thesis as your paper begins to take shape). Envision an audience of intelligent but skeptical readersreaders who might not be inclined to agree with you but are willing to listen to evidence on all sides of the issues.
As in your argument paper, you must state and refute or rebut opposing views; furthermore, if your position would make it appropriate to propose solutions or issue a call to action, you must do so. Try to make your solutions or suggested actions as specific and realistic as possible.
******* In addition, adhere to the following guidelines :*********
Base your paper on at least six relevant sources. Most of these sources should be more than one or two pages long. Also, most should have named authors; do not rely heavily on unsigned articles or anonymous Web sites. The quality of your research can affect your grade. The fewer web-only sources, the better (most quality sources may be available on the Internet but have been published in print or other media first, such as journal and magazine articles, interviews, documentary films or other types of recordings). Cite the medium in which you found each source, not its original medium. –Include quotations from sources, but do not quote excessively or at length; only in exceptional circumstances should a quotation be more than four lines long.–Integrate all quoted material with clear signal phrases and explain its relevance (avoid dropped-in quotations or statistics). Put quoted material in quotation marks (except for long quotations set off from the text) and document all quotations with MLA in-text citations, along with a Works Cited page at the end.–Avoid plagiarism. Enclose borrowed language in quotation marks, and state summaries and paraphrases in your own words, but document all sources of material (except common knowledge) with MLA citations. Note: copying strings of words without putting them in quotation marks is plagiarismeven if you cite the source.–Follow the most recent MLA format guidelines,
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