White Diamond Glass produces handmade decorative glass in its upstate New York factory, and sells its wares to a global market. The company still is an industry leader, but sales have leveled off. Some managers believe that IT glitches are the problem. Background Last year, White Diamond rushed to implement a new Web-based system to boost sales. Unfor-tunately, the online system was not tested thoroughly and experienced start-up problems. For ex-ample, customers complained about order mix-ups and overcharges for deliveries. You are a new system analyst, and your supervisor asked you to investigate the problems. Tasks 1. Based on what you know about c-commerce, how would you have tested a new Web-based system? 2. Should ISO standards have been considered? Explain your answer. 3. What should White Diamond do in the future to avoid similar problems when developing new systems? 4. Three months after the system changeover, you perform a post-implementation evaluation. Prepare three evaluation forms for the new information system: one for users, one for man-agers, and one for the IT operations staff.

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