Basic Air Safety Investigation

The assignment tasks should enable student to show their knowledge of the range of evidence sources covered in an air accident investigation. While the size and thus complexity of the aircraft involved has a bearing on the lines of enquiry it is important to demonstrate an understanding of the range of the physical, technical and observational evidence that has to be systematically collected. The Assignment focuses on the type and nature of the evidence that should generally be collected in relation to an air accident, CAANZ Report 06/633 of ZK HLC a Robinson R22 helicopter Safety Investigation report is attached in the attachment box for use in this assignment. Task: Based on this report present an assignment that: – 1. Identifies the physical evidence to be collected and/or recorded at the accident site (with reasons why). 2. Identifies the information relating to the operation of the aircraft that is likely to be pertinent to the investigation (with reasons why). 3. Identifies the likely sources of any direct witnesses to the accident event and explain what information would be sought. 4. Identify and explain the relevance of information bearing upon airspace, terrain, aircraft serviceability, meteorology (weather at the time) and pilot qualifications and experience. Indicate how such information might relate to the investigation. The ‘reasons why’ or explanation elements should indicate why particular pieces of information are likely to be helpful in coming to any conclusions about ‘probable cause’. It would be helpful to also indicate the likely sources of background information relating to aircraft airworthiness, the weather, pilot qualifications and experience and factors relating to the particular flight. The assignment is targeted at the identification of all the potentially relevant information, whether it is site evidence (and recording/ securely preserving this) or the documentation evidence relating the aircraft and its operation, or electronic or witness evidence. Significant safety improvements came from this accident and the research data shows a good example of how regulatory data and information is used. This assignment develops further the nature and types of evidence that an air incident or accident investigator is likely to seek. Using the Report of 06/633 ROBINSON HELICOPTER R22 BETA II ZK–HLC present an assignment that identifies and explains the type of evidence sought. Here you should be explaining why particular evidence or information is sought and noting why it is relevant. You should be indicating how the evidence can contribute to answering the question of ‘probable cause’ either as a factor in the event or factors that can be confidently ruled out.

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