Behavior Management Models

 Read chapter attached and answer final questions Read Chapter 1 Answer Discussion Questions Chapter 1: Behavior Management Models Chapter Discussion Questions 1. What are the possible reasons for not using evidence-based management procedures? 2. What was your definition of discipline before reading this chapter? What is it now? 3. How are each of the models described in this chapter used? • Assertive Discipline • Logical Consequences • Reality Therapy • Love and Logic • Ginott. • Kounin • The Jones Model • Character Education • Behavioral 4. What are the strengths of each of the models described in questions 3 and 4 above? • Strengths of Assertive Discipline • Strengths of Logical Consequences • Strengths of Reality Therapy • Strengths of Love and Logic • Strengths of the Ginott Model • Strength of the Kounin Model • Strengths of the Jones Model • Strengths of Character Education Strength of the Behavior Model 5. What are the weaknesses of each of the models described in questions 3 and 4 above? • Weaknesses of Assertive Discipline • Weaknesses of Logical Consequences • Weaknesses of Reality Therapy • Weaknesses of Love and Logic • Weaknesses of Ginott • Weaknesses of Kounin • Weaknesses of Jones • Weaknesses of Character Education • Weaknesses of the Behavioral Model 6. What are the misunderstandings related to intrinsic versus extrinsic reinforcers? 7. What are the misunderstandings related to the issue of control? 8. How can we overcome these misunderstandings? 9. Why are scientifically validated management approaches important? 10. What does the right to effective behavioral treatment mean?

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