Instructions: Choose one of these activities to learn more about Anglo-Saxon England and Old English literature. Research one of the following for an essay of at least 500 words: the excavation and findings of Sutton Hoo an aspect of Anglo-Saxon culture influence of Roman occupation on Britain Find a good translation of Beowulf, read it, and find evidence of the comitatus relationship throughout the poem. Write your findings in an esay of at least 550 words. Write a story or poem based on the Beowulf epic. Using a more modern hero, create your own epic. You may want to limit your paper to one episode. Remember to adjust your language to fit your subject. Be sure your story asks and answers relevant, interesting and researchable questions. Read your story or poem to a friend or classmate asking for suggestions on improvements to your work. Options 1 and 2 require you to document your sources according to MLA format (click here to view the MLA Style Guide). Once your revisions are complete, read your story or poem for an audience. If possible, present before the class, or you may share with the teacher or a peer.

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