big rocks

Week 7 What were your reactions to the video demonstration with the Big Rocks by Elizabeth? What are the big rocks as compared to the green pebbles?How does this principle apply to planning your schedule? Why is this an important principle for effective leaders? (Your initial input should be about 150 to 250 words in length.
Read pages 146-179, “Principles of Personal Management,” in the textbook by Stephen Covey.
After completing the reading and video assignments for this week, submit the following writing assignment:
Summary and Application Paper. Based on the readings and the videos, write a 500 to 750 word well written paper.
First, summarize the key components of the Time Management Matrix and explain why and how it is relevant to leadership. Include some examples.
Second, identify one thing you will do differently next week in an attempt to apply the time management matrix to your life. Be sure to use the elements contained in “SMART Applications” in your application.
A poor application would be something like: “I will use the time management matrix in my life.” A good application would be: “I will spend more time in Quadrant II by working eight hours this week on the History research paper that is due in a month.

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