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In this project you are going to explore ageism and your own experience with it. You are going to write a report following the criteria below.

Go to and read the article on ageism in America. You will have to click on “show more text” at the bottom to get the whole article.
Describe what ageism means to you.
Come up with at least 10 words, sayings or phrases that describe younger and older age categories in a bad light. (examples: “you drive like a little old lady.” Or “youâ€re too young to understand.”) Describe why each word, saying or phrase is ageist in nature.
Find at least 10 examples in TV shows, movies, advertisements, magazines, etc… where they have portrayed younger and/or older age groups negatively. You only need to describe the incident from the show or describe the article. Discuss how these attitudes in the media perpetuate ageist stereotypes.
Interview someone who is over the age of 55 and someone under the age of 20 and ask each the following questions:

What does ageism mean to you?
Has anyone ever made fun of you because of your age? When? (describe the details of the encounter)
Do they think there is ever a good reason to discriminate against someone because of their age? Why or why not?
What did you learn from this interview?

*** Please do not give the name of the subjects you interview.

Create a list of at least 3 ways to counter ageism. Here are some examples to help get you started:

Make friends with someone younger or older than you are.
If you hear someone making fun of another person because of their age, speak up and share what you know about age discrimination.
Stand up for yourself when someone calls you “just a kid.” Respectfully explain that even though youâ€re younger, that doesnâ€t mean you canâ€t have an opinion.

**This assignment is checked by SafeAssign for plagiarism.
Your project and assignment grades depend on 3 things: Formatting, Content, Discussion and originality.
Formatting (10%): You should be able to communicate your thoughts in complete sentences, proper paragraphs, and correct grammar. I should not have to interpret or guess at what you are trying to say. I am not expecting perfection in format but please use your spell-check and grammar-check functions in your word processor. This is a good habit to be in for any future classes or jobs.
Content (50%): I am looking to see that you have addressed the questions or content listed in the assignment. I will assign points according to how well I think you have addressed these topics.
Discussion and originality (40%): I am looking for your thoughts and your ideas. I do not want assignments to be just regurgitations from other websites or sources but instead a thoughtful perspective from your own mind. I want you to grapple with the material and ask questions of it. I am not always looking for correct answers but rather that you are thinking critically.

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