Blended Family

The student will conduct a 4560 minute interview with parents who are currently part of a blended family (not including personal/extended family members), to discover firsthand the experiences of integrating two families. The student will compile a list of 10 questions to be asked and submitted along with the paper (sample questions provided below). The student will write a 3-4-page summary (not including Title Page and References) in current APA style documenting the interview and highlighting noteworthy observations. Please support your work by integrating in-text citations from your textbook and/or other scholarly sources.
Blended Family Interview Questions:
How long have you been remarried?What were the most difficult adjustments for you initially in bringing the families together?How did you introduce your children to your new spouse?How was he/she received?What are your current frustrations and challenges?How has being in a blended family been a blessing to you and your children?What effects did the divorce have on your children? Did you see any behavioral changes? Academic changes? Mood changes?What strategies do you and your spouse employ to bring the family together?What role does faith play in your marriage and family?Did you go to counseling or a pastor for guidance in any of the transitions? Was it helpful? What did you learn? How did it help you?
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