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Using They Say, I Say (TSIS), p. 19-29, frame one central argument or claim from any The New York Times or The Washington Post (front page articles are free) using the template (p. 19-29). Make sure to include the newspaper, article title and date in the post too. Do not use an article that does not have a claim/argument.
Use the attach template starting off with If ever there was……

Here is example of what it has to look like

The New York Times’ piece “Democrats say their climate plans will create jobs. It’s not so simple.” Sept. 4, 2019 by Lisa Friedman
If ever there was an idea custom-made for a Jay Leno monologue, this was it: Trump’s assumption that implementing policies to slow climate change would be “totally disastrous; job killing.” Isn’t that like saying cancer research is pointless because we are going to die anyway? Whatever happened to not biting the hand that feeds you.I happen to sympathize with President Trump though, perhaps because I would also be upset if I had investments in fossil fuel resources.

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