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In this individual blog assignment, you will write one blog post that responds to questions that are embedded within the context of each topic

After reading and screening all required materials and reading all the topic pages, answer these questions in a single blog post:
Topic 1

What do you make of these quotes?
How has the failure to recognize women’s pioneering roles behind the scenes on radio impacted how we understand radio and TV as feminizing media?

Topic 2

What sorts of genres do we typically associate women with? What make those “women’s genres”?

Topic 3

How does the episode represent “anti-momism” and how does it work to re-establish masculine authority?

Topic 4

How does Mary compare with Harriet? How are they similar? Different?
How might the episode be read as “feminist”? In contrast, how might it be read as backlash against feminism?
Is The Incredible Hulk a reactionary text that seeks to re-inscribe traditional gendered and racialized power hierarchies?
How does David Banner/the Hulk compare with his predecessors on The Rifleman?

Topic 5

Compare the gender politics (and attitudes toward gender espoused by characters) on Cagney & Lacey versus Charlie’s Angels. Which one offers a more complex address of gender rights?
How is The A-Team similar to The Incredible Hulk? How is it different?

Topic 6

What does contemporary “girl power” look like on TV? What are women like Sydney fighting for/against? How does Alias depict Sydney Bristoe struggling to balance her action heroine status with her femininity? What does the show share in common with predecessors like Charlie’s Angels and Cagney & Lacey? The Incredible Hulk?

Topic 7

How does Deadwood exemplify the kinds of masculine anxiety HBO traffics in? How isn’t it TV? On the other hand, what does it share in common with The Rifleman?

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