Blood pressure Treatment 1Group Mean Standard Deviation Additionally E y?

A pharmaceutical company are running a clinical trial in which they are comparing their new blood pressure lowering drug (Treatment 1) to a competitor (Treatment 2) and a placebo (Treatment 3). Treatment 1 is administered to 9 patients, treatment 2 to 9 patients and treatment 3 to 8 patients. The amount by which the blood pressure of each patient is lowered (Y) is recorded. The results are as follows

  1. Use an F statistic to test the hypothesis that the treatment means are equal. What is your conclusion? Use a significance level α = 0.05.
  2. Why is it better to perform one F-test instead of multiple t-tests to check if there are any significant differences between the group means? 
  3. Use a t-test to check if the new drug reduces blood pressure significantly more than the placebo. Use a significance level α = 0.05.
  4. Calculate and interpret the coefficient of determination for this model.
  5. Construct and interpret a 90% confidence interval for the difference in blood pressure between the new drug and the competitor drug. Based on this in- terval, is the new drug significantly better than the competitor in terms of lowering blood pressure? Explain your answer. 

Blood pressureTreatment 1Group Mean Standard Deviation Additionally E y? = 9152. (a) A partially completed ANOVA table for this model is given below, calculatethe values of A, B, C and D.Source of Variation SS df MSTreatments A 2 BError C 23 8.95Total D 25

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