You are required to prepare a research proposal based on a research topic within Accounting and Financial management. The proposal should be a maximum of 2000 words which includes a 500 words reflective statement. The brief of the assignment is provided below:



The maximum word count for the proposal is 1500 Words (a rough guide for completed proposal would be about 5 pages). In addition you are required to produce a separate 500 words reflection on the module and proposal preparation process. The proposal should contain the following sections:




Please note that you are free to change your title of research for your actual dissertation. At this stage it should closely mirror the content of your proposal.



This should provide a clear indication of what your research seeks to achieve. It is desirable that this is linked to the previous literature.




This should explain why you feel the research you are planning is worthwhile. This may be expressed in the form of a problem which needs solving, or something you find of interest.  You are expected to demonstrate, in brief, a clear link between the previous work that has been done in this field and the content of your proposal. You should indicate the key literature sources from which you intend to draw your ideas.



This section should detail how you intend to achieve your research objectives. It should contain information about your research design, your data, data collections techniques and data sources. If you intend to use an econometric model, this is a suitable place to explain this.

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