book and personal experiences

In class; we been reading different books. For this paper, we have to choose the two texts that resonated most with me and explain how has given me perspective or helped me think through some of my own experiences. This paper is MLA style and 6 pages long.
I choose a book called “the underground railroad” by Colson Whitehead and “Citizen an American Lyric” by Claudia Rankine.
Please don’t use any other outside resource. You can read summary of these books on google.
These are the requirement:
Choose the two texts that resonated most with you this semester and state why they resonated so much. Then, extend this explanation to how the texts have given you perspective or helped you think through some of your own experiences or ideas. In other words, how do they contribute to your intellectual and/or personal development?
Please note that this is a bit more personal of an option, as it asks about your own thoughts and/or concerns. Nevertheless, the paper requires that you think about the texts on an intellectual level in order to consider how the authors help you think through your life experiences or private thoughts.
This paper puts a big emphasis on the ‘so what.’ Yeah, among other things, Underground Railroad asks us to reflect upon the idea of freedom. So what? What does it suggest about freedom? How does it apply to you? Does it offer any advice, warnings, or insights that help you work through your own thoughts or concerns about your personal levels of freedom? And yes, among other things, Gone Girl asks us to think about the scripts that define women and men in our culture. So what? How does that affect your life, or your understanding of the people around you? In Redeployment, we are asked to think through the experiences of soldiers at war. So what? What does this mean for us or for the ways we think about global conflict or veterans and their experiences? We could do this with all of the stories . . . you get my point (I hope).
Ultimately, what important ideas or meaningful thoughts can you take from the texts to ‘carry with you’ and inform your thoughts and/or behaviors as you move throughout your life?
You can review the book summary on google and find three passages from each book. You will have to support the argument using these passages.
While you are writing the paper; I can give you my personal experience to related to the passage. Mainly; write this paper as why it helped me think through my life experiences. You can make this paper very personal and put thoughts and idea using personal experience.

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