Book review

Hawkins & Clinton Book
Review Instructions

You must complete a book review
of The New Christian Counselor: A
Fresh Biblical and Transformational Approach by Hawkins & Clintonthat will include 3 sections (summary, analysis, and application). Use
the included template and utilize current APA citations as indicated on the

Summary (35 points)

In the summary section (at least 1 page) identify the 8–10 most
important concepts of the book. That is, if you could boil down the most
important points in the Hawkins & Clinton book, and explain them to a
friend, what would they be? Do not just list chapter titles or book sections
but summarize the main points in a way that indicates adequate understanding of
the Hawkins & Clinton approach to integrative counseling. When you present
your ideas, consider highlighting your main points—italics, sub-headings, etc. –
to make it easier to pick out the concepts you have chosen.

Analysis (15 points)

In this section (approximately 1 page) consider the Module/Week 2 lecture
discussion on the models of integration (you may also consult the “Comparing the 5 Views Christians Take to Psychology” PowerPoint or the “The Integration of Psychology and Christianity” document for this section) and explain
how you would describe the integration approach of Hawkins & Clinton. What
model of integration do you think their approach represents? Would Hawkins
& Clinton identify psychological issues apart from spiritual issues, or are
they all the same? How important is psychological theory and research in the
Hawkins & Clinton approach?

Application (20 points)

In this section (at least 1 page), you must demonstrate how you would apply some of the principles discussed by Hawkins
& Clinton to counseling
in a human services setting.

Review this description of a typical
day in the life of a human services counseling professional working in a
community agency:

On a daily basis in your agency, you will work with clients with
diagnoses of major mental illnesses, many of whom also engage in pervasive
substance abuse. Your clients will have numerous dysfunctional relationships
and, as a result, most will exhibit a lack of trust. Many have poor
self-management skills, often neglecting to take medications, show up for work,
etc. Some cannot even adequately complete activities of daily living (ADL’s).
Legal problems are often part of your challenges as is homelessness. Your
clients may be poor problem solvers and easily get into petty confrontations
with others.

As you seek to integrate psychological
theory and research with biblical theology/Christian spirituality in your
practice as a human services counselor, what concepts from the Hawkins &
Clinton book would you be able to apply? Keep in mind that some of you will
work in secular agencies, while others will work in faith-based agencies. Although
you can draw in concepts from the whole book, try to focus primarily on the
first 3 chapters of the Hawkins & Clinton book. Mention and explain at
least 5 concepts from the text that you would find helpful as you deal with
your clients. Make sure your application has taken into account the typical
human services counseling needs mentioned above. Present your 5 concepts in
such a way that the main points are obvious to the reader—consider using italics,
or sub-headings to highlight the main points.

Keep in mind
that while the template with correct APA formatting is provided, you must
present your ideas using professional (graduate level) writing. Writing quality/correct
APA will count for 30 points of your
total. Note that page length is suggested; you will not be penalized for going
over the suggested length unless the longer length reveals poor writing.
Sections shorter than the suggested length may indicate inadequate content.

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