Brand “I” Assignment Develop a brand concept for the one of the most important brands you will ever have responsibility for – yourself – “I”- in the professional space. This is not an Audit (looking at what was or is) but a Plan (what will be) 1. Develop and State the Mission Goals and Objectives for “I” brand 2. Analyze and describe the target audience you want “I” to resonate with 3. Describe “I” Positioning in the competitive space, Value Proposition 4. Analyze “I” points of parity/difference, uniqueness, competitive advantage 5. Describe “I” brand identity and brand image 6. Plan brand-building and an integrated marketing communication program for “I” You will be judged based on four components: The first is the degree to which the analysis conveys objectivity, factual accuracy, value-adding components and points of differentiation; the overall analysis must be convincing. The second is based on clarity of the components and the relationship between them. The outcomes must demonstrate transferability across other people, brands, and operating environments. The third is based on how brand elements are influenced through the dynamics of attitude development. The fourth is based on your ability to identify a differential across an alternative culture-based audience and demonstrate how this differential impacts on the branding strategy. The student must provide supporting documentation (Hoefstede) for the identified differential.

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