Bullying and parenting style

Length: at least 3- 4 pages, not counting references page. There are two basic tasks to fulfill in this paper: – to describe this topic or development as clearly and concisely as possible for the specified audience; in other words, to educate your audience about this topic as thoroughly as possible given the space constraints. – to make a compelling, specific, and explicit case explaining obvious and not-so-obvious reasons this development is important to the world outside your major. It may help you to think in terms of a little role-playing to imagine how this assignment might match real-world expectations: You are doing research or making something closely related to this topic. *** I do not want a paper giving me facts about the topic. You need to come up with a STRONG thesis; not a generic or weak thesis that can be true to almost anything. Please see the lecture folder for week two about Weak Thesis. Just remember: A thesis is NOT a fact. It is an assertion or claim that you are making and that you will prove to the reader with evidence from the research you have done.

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