Bullying documented persuasive paper

 1. What is the student’s thesis? 2. What negative assumptions does the student seek to address? How does he counter them? 3. What audience does the writer appear to address? What appeals does the student use? 4. How much of the paper consists of responses to opponents’ criticisms? Is this a useful device? 5. How effective is the conclusion? Does comparing disabled students to African Americans make a valid point? Would you suggest an alternative ending? 6. Read the paper aloud. Are there passages that should be deleted or expanded? 7. Did the student follow the instructor’s suggestions? WRITING SUGGESTIONS 1. Using this paper as a model, write a similar essay taking a position on a current campus controversy. Assume you are addressing a hostile audience. Respond to their objections without criticizing or demeaning those who disagree with your thesis. 2. Collaborative Writing: Discuss this paper with a group of students. Have a member record comments by the group. Work together to write a short statement approving or disapproving of the concept of establishing separate student unions. If members disagree, consider writing pro and con versions. ARGUMENT AND PERSUASION CHECKLIST Before submitting your paper, review these points: 1. Is your message clearly defined? 2. Does your paper meet readers’ needs? Do you provide the support they require to accept your thesis? 3. Do you support your views with adequate evidence from reliable sources? 4. Do you anticipate reader objections and alternative points of view? 5. Do you balance the strengths and weaknesses of logical, ethical, and emotional appeals? 6. Do you avoid overstated, sentimental, or propagandistic appeals? 7. Do you avoid preaching to the converted? Will only those who already agree with you accept your arguments? 8. Do you make it easy for undecided readers to accept your position without feeling manipulated or patronized? 9. Have you tested your argument with peer review?

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