Each assignment is worth 25 points. No more than 4 pages in length. Follow basic APA formatting i.e. 12pt font (Times or Arial), double spaced, 1 inch margins. You do not need a cover page but you must cite references in APA style. Be clear, and concise, but thorough in order to expect full points. Use three (3) peer reviewed journal articles to support your arguments/claims. The book can be used as an extra resource (the book also provides several resources to look up). Santrock reviews research that indicates victims of bullies tend to have parents who are anxious and overprotective (Olweus, 1980), intrusive, demanding, and unresponsive (Ladd & Kochenderfer, 2017).

Ladd and Kochenderfer also found boys who have emotionally close relationships with their parents are more likely to be victimized. However, children with positive parenting behaviors are less likely to become victims of bullying or bully-victims (Lereya et al., 2013). Olweus also found that the parents of bullies are more likely to be rejecting, authoritarian, or permissive about their son’s aggression. Olweus studied bullying early before America was interested in the phenomenon in schools etc.., hence the early cited work. Review the above research findings and respond with potential explanations for these findings. In other words, why would there be a relationship between being a victim of bullying and having parents who are anxious and overprotective

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