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Us vs. Them: Generational conflict in the work place


Please read p. 125 in your textbook (attached), and the articles listed below.

You will write an essay response and answer the questions from the textbook. Provide your analysis in cross-generational communication in a thoughtful manner about how you would approach communication with various employee age groups.


p. 125 textbook (attached)

Don’t Let Generational Conflict Kill Your Small Business (Links to an external site.)

Generational Conflict At Work: Separating Fact From Fiction (see link in this module)

Assignment Expectations

Length: 2-3 pages, double spaced (not including cover and references)

  1. Summarize this topic
  2. Answer the questions
    1. What are the main differences between generations at work?
    2. How are the generations similar and different?
    3. What are misconceptions about each generation?
    4. How has technology influenced each generation at work?
    5. How would you resolve a conflict between a Boomer manager who worries about the privacy and productivity aspects of social networking and a Gen Z employee who wants to use these tools on the job?
  3. Conclusion
  4. Cover page and references page, please cite any materials used including the above resources (APA or MLA format is acceptable)