Business plan on event planning and catering


Prepare a business plan on event planning and catering. Naming your business, and should go down on detail forming a LLC. You love making memories and is what you love to do, hosting and throwing holiday parties for your family & friends. You love making memories, and that most of your decorating will focus on picture and frames. Catering will be Island Grill BBQ and island side dishes. Main focus now as I started with LLC is to start off with social events, such birthday, weddings, graduation and hopefully get a chance into the corporate industry like hosting parties and event in convention and hotels. Bigger goals in forming this business is because it’s something you love to do, to be creative in making your clients day extra special. And while starting a business plan, give some information on starting a business website and what attracts more clients. Prize wise is the other focus, how much should I charge my events? Be creative and ready to open a business. Double space, 5

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