Business Portfolio and Dynamic Capability Slide Presentation

1.Should not go beyond 25 slides. 2.Slide/s should be allocated for references – these slides will not be considered in the slide count (25). 3.Incorporate journal articles, prescribed text, other books, etc. into the analysis. 4.You are not expected to research the different industries mentioned in the case study. The focus should be on researching, analysing, and applying portfolio management and dynamic capability related theories, concepts, and scholarly views. 5.Concepts relevant for this assignment will be in workshops 7 and 8. 6.Need to use the notes pane to explain the points/ analysis indicated in the slides. The write up in the notes pane should not exceed 150 words per slide. Use the notes pane only when it is necessary. 7.A sample slide template (structure and key slides) will be shared with the case study. 8.Study the attached assessment rubric carefully. 9.Watch the assignment briefing webinar conducted by the Subject Coordinator – refer subject welcome message from the Coordinator for the date and time.

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