Business Psychology, Coaching and Mentoring

Business Psychology, Coaching and Mentoring 1 page poster and 1,000 words presentation Assessment Description “The greater danger for most of us isn’t that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it.” ~ Michelangelo This subject has explored many theories that provide insight into why people do what they do. Goal-setting is one such theory. Being able to understand and apply the various theories underpinning goal-setting is a key outcome of this course. You are required to undertake the following assessment in two parts: Part A – Create a 1-page poster than contains: • A personal goal for your future, post your MBA studies. • A summary of the relevant theory underpinning goal setting and how you used it. • A coaching plan, with an explanation of how you w The purpose of the assessment is to demonstrate your ability to be able to apply the coaching skills that you have learned, in a way that enables you to think practically about the future you are trying to create. Further guidance: Part A – Poster • A poster is a method of presenting your ideas to an audience in a visual 1-page format. • As a poster presenter, you will have a unique opportunity to combine your visual poster with your transcript to provide a thorough explanation of your coaching goal. • The images, diagrams and text that you choose should be appealing and inspiring to your audience. Don’t clutter the poster with heaps of paragraphs and detail. Find ways of summarising the key points in a way that makes the poster aesthetically pleasing. Then allow the presentation transcript to bring the poster to life. • Do include references in the Harvard referencing convention where necessary. • Attached on the portal are some specific powerpoint templates for creating posters. You can either use these or create your own from scratch. • Here are some examples of how to prepare a poster: o Creating poster presentations that tell stories o How to create a poster in powerpoint o Powerpoint poster templates Part B – Presentation • You do not actually have to present your poster in class. However, you are to write the 1,000-word transcript using the style, tone and language that you would use if you were presenting verbally in front of others. • The aim of the written transcript is to bring alive the content in your poster. This means that you should aim to explain the process you went through and the logic for putting together your goal and your coaching plan. • The written transcript only needs referencing in the part that you outline goal-setting theory. For the rest, you do not need to reference, you just need to write it in a style that inspires and informs. • Please write the transcript in powerpoint, so that it is in the same document as your poster. This means you then only have to upload a single document. Write it as continuous text in small font (size 10 or 12), not in big text with bullet points.

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