Calculate the Axial pitch b. Lead of the word. – Get an Orginal Paper (

1.A proposed worm gearset is to have a single-start worm with a pitch diameter of 1.250 inches, a diametral pitch of 10, and a normal pressure angle of 14 . The worm is to mesh with a worm gear having 40 teeth and a face width of 0.625 inch. Calculate the following:

a. Axial pitch b. Lead of the word.

c. Circular pitch .

d. Lead angle of the worm.

e. Helix angle of the worm gear 1 2°.

f. Addendum g. Dedendum .

h. Outside diameter of the worm.

i. Root diameter of the worm,

j. Pitch diameter of the gear .

k. Center distance.

l. Velocity ratio.

m. Root diameter of the gear.

n. Approximate outside diameter of the gear.

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