#2: Simulation


Before the Team Competition begins, each team will complete a
practice round to familiarize themselves with the simulation.

The Practice Round begins on Day 1 of week 2

Please make sure you go before/on
May 19th and get all your reports so each team can analyze how the
decisions impacted the simulation. The information you learn in the practice
rounds will ensure your teams success in the competition rounds. Once the
competition rounds begin in Week 2, your team will not be able to access the
practice round results – so it is important to make sure someone from each team
downloads the results.

2) Team Project Plan

Create a professional
caliber project plan in the format of your choice that outlines your team’s:


Your plan should also
include details on the following:

Communication protocolRole assignmentsBack up plansRamification for non-compliance to project plan

The plan must include a
signoff by each member in whatever form is agreed upon. Each member of
the group must submit the agreed upon Team Project Plan individually to earn
credit for this assignment. NOTE:
You will be communicating with your team through email or whatsapp/text.

3) Round #1 begins on
Friday, and ends at the end of Monday

Each team has completed a
practice round, so should be familiar at how the simulation works. Remember,
each team needs to read, discuss, and make decisions in the simulation by the
time the simulation closes. For Team Competition Round #1 all decisions need to
be made and input into the simulation by noon (12:00 EST)

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