Capstone SLP Mod 4

Using the information you found in the outside sources, prepare a minimum two-page paper in which you respond to the questions listed , Your paper should be double-spaced using 12-point Times New Roman font.

Which bachelor’s program would accept all/most of my credits?
How close am I to completing a bachelor’s degree?
How long would it take to complete based on the number of courses I took each term to earn my associate degree?
When can I start my bachelor’s courses?
What kind of support would my University offer me after graduation?

What can the ASPS do for you now and down the road?
Conversely, what would you like to do with your degree, not just currently, but in the future?
Imagine yourself in five or ten years. Ask yourself, “Should I have gotten my bachelor’s degree immediately after obtaining my ASPS?” Why or why not?

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