Using the PowerPoint presentation and your text, decide on one form of cardiovascular disease OR one form of cancer. Find the information you need about your chosen subject. This information is to be used to write a paper outlining the risk factors involved in your chosen subject, survivability (if cancer, there would be two survivability rates, one being with early detection and one without), preventative measures that may be taken, and treatment of the disease. You must have AT LEAST THREE (3) REFERENCES. You will compile this information and write a paper that is a minimum of two full pages that is outlining all the information listed above. This paper is to be written in the first person, meaning you will write as if you are the person that has the form of cancer/cardiovascular disease and is having to go through treatment. This is to be done in APA style with a cover page and a references page. Remember, you need to have at least three references, but you can have more. Get as many as you need to write a fact filled paper.

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