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For this assignment, you need to put your results into the evidence summary. You are given a full list of the 55 evidence items collected throughout this case. Any items that were sub-itemized are also shown as such. You have been given the name of the test or analysis performed on the evidence. You are responsible for going through your case notes (and textbook if necessary) to find the results of those exams and analyses. Once you have the results, put them into the appropriate box in the table. You will notice that I have put some evidence transfers into the results section – this is for things like the glass chips that were tape-lifted by one person but transferred to trace evidence to be examined. You should not include any transfer sections – only results. Just repeating a transfer section will result in lost points. Make sure you put enough down for the result that you can use this document to help with our upcoming reconstruction. What do I mean by that? Don’t just write “positive” or “negative” in the box, write “positive for human hemoglobin” or “DNA profile is a match to Richard.” These results will help you with your interpretation, so make sure they are as user-friendly as possible.
Boxes that you need to fill in are green and blank (if you cannot see the green color in the box, just go with blank). You should write your answers in red text. Do not change any of the other boxes and DO NOT change the green boxes to white. You will lose 5 points if you change the formatting of the boxes. You are expected to put the correct result into the box regardless of what you may have answered on previous case notes. If you got something wrong on a previous assignment and are having trouble finding the correct answer, as me or a course assistant to help. Your TA and CAs are literally being paid to help you. That’s why they’re here. Use them!
There are 50 blanks to fill in. Each blank is worth 1 point. There is a 3 point bonus for filling in the header and footer correctly. Remember, this assignment and it’s thoroughness and correctness will directly impact your ability to properly complete the assignments in modules 13 and 14. Make sure you give this summary the attention it deserves and save yourself the hassle of having to keep going back to the book later. Good luck!


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