case study 250 words apa format and healthy behaviors field assignment 250 words apa format

Case Study
Dante is a 21 year student at a local community college. He has a part time job as a bartender at a local chain restaurant in town where he bartends several nights a week. Dante meets up with his coworkers, as well as classmates at a bar down the street from the community college after the restaurant closes most nights. While he stays out until early morning hours most days, he very rarely skips classes and is maintaining a B/C average in all of his courses. Dante drinks heavily every night of the week but never during the day and has never been arrested for any alcohol related crimes.
Early one morning, Dante wakes to a police flashlight shining into his car window where he is parked outside of the bar he frequents. His car was in park and turned off, his car keys were in the ignition. Dante is given a field breathalyzer and even though he had stopped drinking several hours earlier, his BAC registers at 0.11%. Dante explains to the police officer that he must have gotten into his car drunk and decided to sleep it off rather than drive home. He proudly states that he was making a responsible choice not to drive drunk. The officers arrest Dante for an Attempted DUI, which states that you were presumed to have intended to drive since he was in the driver’s seat with the keys in the ignition.
Dante’s lawyer suggests he visit an alcohol treatment clinic for an evaluation to use in their upcoming court case. The clinic worker suggests that Dante is a functioning alcoholic and suggests treatment and entering AA.
Write a paper of at least one page (double spaced with normal margins and font size, not including headers and footers) discussing the case and the following questions:

Discuss your views on Dante’s alcohol use based on section 10.2’s discussion on alcohol trends in young adulthood.
Using web based research on alcoholism, write your opinion on whether you agree with the clinic worker’s label of Dante as a functional alcoholic.
What possible changes should Dante take in his personal life?

Healthy Behaviors Field Assignment
Incidence and prevalence estimates suggest that young people aged 15–24 years acquire half of all new STDs and that one in four sexually active adolescent females has an STD, such as chlamydia or human papillomavirus (HPV). Compared with older adults, sexually active adolescents aged 15–19 years and young adults aged 20–24 years are at higher risk of acquiring STDs for a combination of behavioral, biological, and cultural reasons. (Source:
For this field assignment, follow the following directions:
1. Read the following article on the reported 2016 increase of sexually transmitted diseases across the US: “5 reasons why 3 STD’s are roaring back in America.”
2. Write a one page reflection on a campaign that could be created in your health care place of work, or in your community if that is more appropriate, to combat rising rates of STD’s. Discuss specific program features that could be created, possible barriers to the success of current or imagined programs, and how these programs could be targeted specifically at teenagers and young adults.

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