case study 3 22

Case 03-1 Who Pays? From the Book page 90

Book Name:

Coyle/Novack/Gibson/Bardi. Transportation: A Supply Chain Perspective, 7th Edition. ISBN- 13: 9780324789195

You need to read and understand the Case stud which is in page 90 from the book (Coyle/Novack/Gibson/Bardi. Transportation: A Supply Chain Perspective, 7th Edition. ISBN- 13: 9780324789195), then do the following:
1. Provide a response to this case study, which is in the page 90 from the book. Be sure to answer all the questions given in less than 24 hours.
2. After that, I will share with you the text-writing of three other students from the class.
3. You need to write a respond to each student maximum in less than 24 hours from sharing their text-writing (You must write at least 70-word response to each student).

Kindly note the following:

Do not just repeat words and text from the book.
Use your own words and add value/information beyond the book.
Copying from sites like Wikipedia or other internet sites will result in a score of zero as the work will be checked by TurnItInwebsite for plagiarism.
If an internet site is used, it must be cited properly. Plagiarism is not acceptable!

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