Case Study

Problem 7. Dollars for

Jeffrey Swift has been a messenger
used by a couple of the local businesses where the Discrimina, Inc. machine
shop is located. Sometimes he has done some extra errands inside the Discrimina
building for a couple of hours. For the last several weeks, he has helped
package items for shipment on Thursdays. Things have gone well, but Jeffrey is
concerned because sometimes he has waited over two hours in the waiting room
while waiting for the packaging to begin. He wouldn’t mind but Discrimina pays
only for packaging time, not for waiting time. He can never be certain
when the parts will be ready for packaging because final quality checking time
varies wildly.

Jeffrey has his own delivery
business, but Discrimina has only paid him cash. Each time, Jeffrey has given
the company a receipt for the cash. While he waits, he sometimes goes out
for donuts for the crew. At other times, he plays games on his PDA or makes
cell calls to friends.


If Jeffrey Swift sues for the
waiting time hours, what is the likely result and why? Write your answer in a
Word document in 450 words

You can find the book I’m using at Course Smart.

Most of your reference should come from this book chapter 22

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