case study article summary and analysis

GUIDELINES: First, you will read the article “Case Study: Interpreting Singin’ in the Rain”. Second, you will study it in detail, make note of its thesis (a.k.a. argument), main points, and the methods the author uses to support his argument. Advice: Give yourself plenty of time to read, re-read, highlight, and take notes. Third, you will write a concise summary and analysis of the article, highlighting its thesis and main arguments (in the first 3/4 of the essay’s length) and how these expand your critical understanding of SINGIN’ IN THE RAIN (in the remaining 1/4 of the essay’s length). I suggest concluding your essay with this last part. Be sure not to quote large passages or quote much at all in this assignment; let your voice carry the day. FORMATTING • Give your paper an interesting title. • 5 pages (1250 words – include your word count at the top of p. 1) • Double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman, and page numbers. MLA or APA parenthetical format and proper full citation just below essay required. •Please use MLA or APA parenthetical citations if/when you quote or paraphrase the article.

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