case study for quot a course for team performance quot

The case study format below should be adopted in analyzing the case:
• CASE SUMMARY: Brief analysis/summary of the case
• PROBLEM(S): Identified problem(s)/issue(s) – something important happened and there is no explanation for it – e.g. an accounts manager notices that a few of their good customers have large accounts payable balances
• SOLUTION(S): Solution(s) of identified problem(s)/issue(s) – the best strategy that can be used to solve the problem(s). Should create more benefits and has fewer or less severe downsides. give all solutions, please.
• RECOMMENDATION(S): Recommendation: what would you recommend in solving this problem by reviewing the solution(s) you have the most confidence in – determine if they seem weak or strong. Apply the one(s) that has the most evidence in relation of the point of view in the case. What are the reasons for the preference?
• CONCLUSION: including implementation of the recommendation(s) and/or contingency plan.

simply words and sentences structure please.
case is attached.

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