Case Study Please read the article that provided to you on

Case Study Please read the article that provided to you on PDF the Unfinished Dream of NBA China then Find information on your own you can apply into the analysis. Then answer these questions comprehensively and thoroughly 1. From the section titled Episode I, describe and discuss why the NBA first chose to expand in Asia in Japan, rather than China. Discuss the reasons the NBA in Japan succeeded or failed. 2.From the section titled Episode 2, describe and discuss the dilemma the NBA faced because the people of China had been accustomed to thinking that all televised sports content should be free (they didn’t pay for cable TV). Describe how the NBA overcame this issue and their success (or not) in dealing with this issue. 3. From the section titled Chinese Players, describe and discuss the extent to which the emergence of Chinese superstar players in making basketball more popular in China. Explain what the league can or should do to promote basketball in China if there is a lack of star players from China. 4. From the section titled Episode 5, describe and discuss the success (or lack of success) of The NBA China Games, The NBA Center, and The NBA Affiliated League in China.……………… Important information Please write down the questions before you answer to them. List your resources. You must find at least one outside article and incorporate it into your analysis in addition to the case you are reading. I will not ACCEPT the work if you do not do that Your response to these questions must be a minimum of 2 pages in length. No Max

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