Change Management Case Study Assignment

Assignment Purpose: To identify a group of people that fit the Red Cross’s definition of vulnerable , identify their needs, consider different ways in which their living conditions could be changed and to implement one of those ways as a change project clearly defining how the change will be brought about, measured and achieved.
Elements to address by your case study analysis and grading distribution:
1. An analysis of the organisational structure of the Red Cross unit that will implement the project. (25%) You need to demonstrate the insights you discovered that describes why there is a problem.
2. Assessing the external conditions (25%) You must identify the external factors that may affect your plan for change
3. Assessing the internal conditions (25%) You must identify internal factors that may affect your plan for change
4. The role of the Change Agent (25%)
Since the Change Agent role is crucial, picking the right Change Agents is a critical step. Describe and analyse the characteristics and skill for the suitable change agent for this project
2000 Essay due 20th of June.

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