change request process amp documentation

Project Objectives Checklist

Enhance the project documentation
Create a final project signature page
Write a typical change request scenario
Write a professional change request procedure
Submit the module use-case document to the course Dropbox for grading

During these project objectives, you will work with project scope and handling changes to prevent catastrophic failure to the project. The project scope is usually defines as the use-case documentation is created and approved. The project manager should finally get signatures from the other managers when everyone agrees on the final draft of the project. The final draft is the scope and it will typically not change unless there is a change request.

At the bottom of the project use-case documentation, add a signature page for all required manager signatures. Make sure the signature page looks and feels professional which should include the date of when a manager signed the use-case documentation for approval. You have more objectives in the course to build and integrate into your documentation but this should always be the last page of the document.
Next document a typical scenario that might actually be a good reason to change the scope of a project. For instance, the documentation might not include form validation controls. As the users are testing, the validation is always necessary to keep the data clean in the database. Create your own scenario that could change the scope of the project and would cause the managers to agree and accept the change request.
Document the change request procedure. This professional procedure would be used in a business when a tester found an issue that requires a project change and the requestor would need to follow through each step before the change would even be considered. Document the procedure in a chronological order as if each step was a checklist.

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